A beginner's guide to common glass types

by Tony Bruser 05/15/2023

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Since discovery, glass has been marveled at and used for years. The reflective substance can be used in small handheld mirrors, doors, windows and comes with many benefits to make life a bit easier.  

What are the most common types of glass?

Float glass is one of the most common types of glasses seen in many residential and commercial properties. This glass type is made from floating molten glass in a process where the molten glass is emptied into a large tin, allowing it to be shaped into a glass panel. 

Tempered glass is another super common type of glass used in different structures and holds popularity for its additional strength in comparison to other types of glass. 

Laminated glass is used in most models of cars, as it’s strong enough to endure many of the bumps and other forces vehicles can be subject to. This glass type is made from two layers of float glass and a thin layer of PVB resin in between the panels. 

What is the strongest glass?

One of the strongest glasses often used in construction is tempered or toughened glass. This glass is about four times stronger than annealed glass and is made through a series of heating and cooling treatments. 

What are the advantages & disadvantages of glass in construction?

Glass serves many purposes during construction and comes with many advantages to the building process. Glass is an excellent insulator, as it doesn’t conduct electricity it makes for a great tool to create ceiling lights. 

On the other hand, many glass types can only take a limited amount of force before shattering, so the material must be handled with extra care. 

There are many useful things we use in our everyday lives composed of glass. With new technologies being created constantly, who knows what advantageous pieces will be made next.

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